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How to Create a Shadow Effect With Chalk Couture

Today I'm teaching you how to create the shadow effect with chalk couture!

Its a really pretty technique that you really can't get when using your vinyl machine. It totally sets chalk couture apart and I LOVE that it's so easy!

Let's dive in!

So First you'll Lay your transfer down on your chalkboard.

For this design I'm using our Verity 12x18 Chalkboard. It's porcelain steel and magnetic and absolutely gorgeous!

Next you will chalk with your first color. I chalked in white first for the first layer.

Then you'll remove your transfer and wash it and let it dry for a few minutes.

Then you're going to lay your transfer back on top, but slightly move it to either side of the lettering.

See how I moved it ever so slightly to the top left? You'll be able to see what your shadow will look like.

Then you're going to chalk in your second color.

Apply your second color chalk paste. I uses aquamarine here. Then all you do is remove your transfer and admire your awesome work!!

It's so easy to create adorable chalk Designs with Chalk Couture!!!

Want to learn how to create an ombre effect? Head on over to this post!

Happy Chalking!!!



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