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How to Make Wood Signs Without a Cricut

Have you always wanted to make wood signs but the thought of learning a cricut machine is overwhelming?

First, there's the machine, what model does what? Then there's all the accessories, the pens, the add ons, what the heck do you even NEED to get started!

Then there's the learning! The software, the training videos, hours and hours of videos to make one small cut.

Listen, you need cash flow NOW!

Not in 2 years when you become a pro at Design Space, and understand what an SVG, tracing, transfer tape and more means!

I can help you build a profitable sign business and have you up and running in less than 2 weeks.

Would that be a dream?

Yes or yes?!

Watch below to see how I made 3 gorgeous signs in under 3 minutes!

If you'd like to learn more, be sure you keep following my Tik Tok Channel or Click here to set up a chat with me and I'll explain everything and help you get started today.

If you're rather, you can click here to watch my video that explains it all!

If you want to follow along with more of my project and DIY's you'll want to join my Free crafting group!

Ready to try it NOW? Get a sample here!!

Happy Crafting,



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