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All about Chalk Couture!

Hey DIYer's, Have I got a story for you! How would you like to stop trying to design in silhouette, cut stencils, weed, transfer tape, blah blah blah. What if I told you there was a way you could make a sign, chalkboard, ornament, window design, etc in under 5 minutes including drying time?

Well hold on to your hats because I have some amazing news! I'm just flipping out over here!!!!

One thing before I tell you....

All these signs were made were made without CUTTING, WEEDING, OR TRANSFER TAPE! Now YOU can make signs without a silhouette!!!

First, let me disclose that I want you to read this post fully and not close it! Also know that I did not sign on to this for any money, You guys, my blog is thriving, my new studio is thriving, I'm not in financial stress (though who doesn't want to make more and be able to give back right?). So, I don't want you to go, oh she must be starving so she jumped into direct sales. Nothing is FURTHER from the truth!

Ok news....I Joined Chalk Couture! Chalk Couture is a brand new direct sales company that launched July 1st. They sell premium magnetic chalkboards, chalk paste...but the best part...are you ready???? REUSABLE VINYL TRANSFERS!!!!!!!

Now I know you're all like rolling your eyes like I've done when I've heard every.single. direct sales pitch.

When I tell you I am the LAST PERSON ON EARTH to ever join direct sales. I mean it. I loathed it, I made fun of it, I have a stockpile of memes and videos about it for crying out loud..and here I am...a direct sales groupie. Ick. But y'all....I don't even care!!

Let me introduce you to a little thing I'd like you to see...This right here is a SILKSCREEN VINYL STENCIL.

It has a sticky back that will stick and restick for 8-12 times. There are no bridges, the designs are FLAWLESS. In fact better than you could EVER cut with your silhouette or cricut!

Check out this video!

So here's the thing, I signed up...I signed up so I could buy designs for 40% off! I signed up because you'd be crazy not to! But now I've built a team of over 3000 people. I earned the number 1 spot for Top Sponsor in my very first year, took home second in . Team Performance, earned a free cruise vacation for two and my life has been absolutely changed!!! Now I'm on a mission to make Chalk Couture even more amazing!

I know your head is probably spinning like mine was, so I want to answer and Frequently Asked Questions you may have.

1) Are the designs commercially licensed and can we make our own things and sell them.

YES! You are free to use the silkscreen transfer designs and put them on any surface, and then turn around and sell that product. 100% yes. So Start your Etsy store, your amazon handmade store, sell your products on facebook, friends and family! Start your dream business today!

2) What is chalk paste and can you seal it?

Chalk paste is a thicker chalk material. It's dries hard to the touch in less than 5 minutes. This means you can rub over your design and it's not going anywhere unless YOU want it to! When you're ready to change out the design, just spray with water and it cleans right up! No more dirty chalk hands!

If you are using chalk paste on other surfaces, you can use a spray sealer and they will be sealed permanently on the surface.

We also have an Couture INK- This is used on clothing (yes fabrics and its permanent once ironed or heat set!) It truly is a game changer!

3. Do I have to sell it or meet minimums? Whats the catch?

Right now you can get the kit for $99!

Along with your kit, There is a $19.99 monthly subscription fee, this is for one transfer per month, your website, which include a fantastic inventory tracking system and your point of sale app system on your phone, great for vendor events!

Requirements- All designers must meet $150 Personal Volume (this is your wholesale price, so 40% off retail) every quarter to maintain there status. There are no penalties if you decide to drop out or say "meh, this isn't really my thing", No worries at all! Your quarter starts the first calendar quarter AFTER your sign up quarter. (no stress right away!)

4. Can we design our own transfers?

No, right now it's just what they have available...They come out with new designs every 3 months though! The also are open to suggestions for new designs to help our design team give you what you want!

5. How do you clean the stencils?

Stencils clean up with just water, or a disinfectant wipe, you wash, lay flat to tray and then put back on the transfer sheet and you're good to go!

6. Do I have to do parties?

Nope! Your business is run how YOU want to run it! It's 100% up to you how to want to work it. Vendor events are really great and the products demonstrate SO well at events, your booth will be HOPPING!!!

7. How many current designers are there?

There are currently over around 10,000-ish. Chalk couture has grown 800% since it's initial launch and continues to grow like crazy, which makes NOW the best time to join!!!

If you'd like to check the number of designers near you, use the designer locator HERE

8. So now everyone will have the same designs to sell?

Everyone is ALREADY making the same designs!! You can't throw a stone without hitting the popular "gather" sign or the "farmhouse" sign. YOU make it unique, you put your own spin on what you're designing! Find a way to stand out from the crowd! There are so many amazing designs to mix and match and create something truly unique!

9. Do you offer Training? I'm new to Multi Level Marketing

While I personally am new to MLM, I'm no stranger to building a business! I built my business from the ground up, with Infants and a deployed spouse and everything else life throws at you! I found a better way! A way to make videos and share the REAL you on social media and have people messaging YOU wanting to get in on what you're doing! When you sign up and join my team you'll have access to me and a network of other women and men (yep, we have guys too!) who have built their businesses and will help you grow your team and take you to the top! I'm also giving out 6 months worth of training videos from my creative circle coaching group to teach you all about social media, ads, boosting, product photography and more! (over a $300 value!). I have also create a website JUST for my team full of training videos, FAQ's and more! I'm committed to seeing your success with Chalk Couture!

Hope that answers a few questions.

I know this is an absolute GAME CHANGER for those of us in the home decor, sign making, personalizing business. If you want to email me for more info you can, or if you want to join visit and hit the "join" button. You'll be on a super strong team and I'll support you all the way.

Happy Chalking!



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