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What Is Chalk Couture?

Hi, there I am Sarah. I am a Top earner and team leader to one of the top teams in the company with Chalk Couture.

Today, I'm going to talk to you about What even IS Chalk Couture? How can it help YOU?!

Chalk Couture is a direct sales company. Don't let that freak you out. We are the leaders in easy high end DIY home décor. You can make incredible home decor with our amazing reusable silk screen transfers.

I discovered Chalk Couture four years ago as I was a Crafter who was tired of fighting with vinyl, and was using a Cricut machine. I was running a busy DIY studio and I was looking for a way that I could increase my production and increase my product line at my storefront. . I was tired of creating a one time stencil. I literally was praying for a product like Chalk Couture. I was Googling one night how to make my own reusable stencil, and all of a sudden something popped up!

So I want you to know right now if you are somebody who is fighting with a vinyl machine and you've been trying to figure out that gosh darn cricket, and you are so tired of fighting with it. Girl, I have your solution.

So let’s address the elephant in the room.

YES, Chalk is a direct sales company and YES, and that first freaked me out because I didn't necessarily want to be part of a direct sales company. I had never had experience with a company like that, and I just was unsure about the business model. What I learned with Chalk is that you can use the products and you have a complete and clear Copyright to create and sell products you make. (No direct selling required, unless you choose!)

When you join the company you get access to wholesale pricing of 40% (and more).

I loved that, I didn't have to get into the whole direct sales model because that freaked me out, but I could just make beautiful things. I signed up, then and I couldn't keep my mouth shut. I had to tell people about it because it was the coolest product that I had ever seen.

Despite my initial apprehensions, I decided quickly that I was going to throw myself into this business and learn everything that I could. I wanted to make pretty things. I wanted to increase production. I wanted to find a way to have faster workshops. As an entrepreneur I was excited about the team to generate additional income streams. Within several months, I had hit the top ranks of the company and my team was absolu