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How to host a Sign Painting Party using your Silhouette or Cricut machine.

Do you want to learn how to throw an AWESOME girls night out!? Wine and Paint parties are SO POPULAR right now! This will teach you how I started my business for Paint Parties using my Silhouette machine (yes Cricut and others work too! ) to make custom stencils for parties. I have been incredibly successful and now I'm sharing my tips with you!!! Grab your Silhouette or Circut and let's dive in!

***This post may contain affiliate links, which gives us a small percentage of income from the sale of items through links. These help keep our page running and allow me to continue bringing you great tutorials.**

FIRST, This is not really a beginner project, so if you're very new to your silhouette machine I'd start HERE. Grab Melissa of Silhouette School's ,Ultimate silhouette guide AND Cutting a profit bundle to learn your machine and running a business. Its a fabulous resource and it will help you get up and running and hosting your own paint parties quicker!

Supply list:

Squeegess and oramask 813- click here and then type in each item

"oramask 813, squeegees"


Determine your design. For your FIRST party I would go with something simple like the LOVE signs I did here. It was a simple design, one cut, simple weeding, big block letters. I weeded the letters out for the girls so all they had to do was put the stencil on their board and paint! (pssst, you can use cardstock to make these stencils bringing your costs down!


Select your wood and spend one day planking the boards or doing flat boards. For my very first party I did flat boards. I bought the boards about 12 inches wide and 6 ft long then cut them into 12x24 inch pieces. Your local home improvement store will probably even cut them down to size for you. If you want to do plank boards, here is how I do the backs of the plank boards. I use 3 inch width wood cut down to 24 inches. I keep most of my signs in the 12x24 range. Its big enough to make a statement but not so big its overwhelming to students. I just use thin wood strips and screws into the back of each board. I use PINE board. It's the easiest to work with, pretty inexpensive and looks great!


Prep your stencils and gather supplies.

For your first party and maybe the first few parties, you'll want to stick to the same design and keep your class size small. Five people was great number for my first party. My favorite transfer tape for stencils is this paper tape from expressions vinyl. I've used clear and paper, I prefer paper, It rips easy so they can work in small sections.

My FAVORITE paint is waverly chalk paint. You can find them at your local walmart. It's thicker than acrylic paint so it will not bleed. The last thing you want is bleeding issues under the stencil! I store my paint in these FIFO bottles. They don't dry out, they squeeze just the right amount, and store beautifully. Grab some HERE!

The BEST dispenser bottles. Link here!


I host parties at my home right now. With my husband in the military moving every 3 years its just not in the cards right now to purchase a retail space, but that is the long term goal! I set up plastic cloths on all my tables and create little stations. First we basecoat or apply the stain Then we take a break, mingle, grab a snack, grab a drink and just hang for 30 minutes.

^^^I had so many girls at one party I literally set up an extra table in my entry way!! make it work girls!!!^^^



I hand everyone their stencils and have them lay them on the boards. I always have them watch me first. (I do a board with them) Make sure you also have enough burnishing tools for everyone. No one likes to wait on other people to share tools. Once the stencils are applied I just tell them to go ahead and paint! Remind everyone again to go light coats. After the paint is done you can have them remove their stencils right away. I don't wait for the paint to dry too much. Once that is done, we just let them dry completely while they mingle some more. Then they can go back and pick out any remaining details like the inside of o's or a's or those types of letters.

Do you want more details and even more instruction?! I wrote an EBook that tells you EVERYTHING you need to know!!

You'll learn my best pricing advice, my favorite fonts, websites to host your sign ups and much much more!! You also get exclusive access to my private facebook group where I have over 150 people active and helping others with their parties. We're also doing live calls, video tutorials and MORE. Grab it HERE!

Let me know if you have any questions at all! I'm very happy to help you any time!!

Happy Partying!!



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