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A Rainbow Baby Nursery

This post is sponsored by Silhouette America. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I had the privilege of working on some nursery decor for a dear friend today. My sweet friend Elizabeth, who blogs over at Diary of a Harley Housewife, let me come in and decorate for her. She has a super sweet baby girl named Cadence and I was just so excited to make some girl items since I'm a total boy mom and wanted to make girly things!!!

First let's chat about that Premium Blade! Can I just say how much I LOVE it?!

I ordered one because I wanted to test it out against a thicker material like the chipboard and it cut like BUTTER! It was so perfect! The premium blades last three times as long as a regular blade! I'm all about it! The only thing is it's not the auto blade, but you can adjust it very easily! It's a quick and easy dial turn! I also grabbed some vinyl for our stencils. I used their regular adhesive vinyl and it worked just great, they have so many colors to choose from but I was using vinyl as a stencil so I wasn't too picky about color!

For the projects in the nursery I knew I wanted to make a few signs, because well, that's my first love! But I also wanted to do something that was a little different from my normal thing.

I wanted to incorporate the rainbows and clouds to match her bedding so I decided to do the clouds with sweet little raindrops.

To get started on both projects I grabbed these two files from the Silhouette Store. The Cloud was Design ID #17283, and the You are my sunshine was Design ID 46723.

I love being able to access the silhouette library any time when I need a quick file, or I'm short on ideas to come up with a cute design!

The design for the wood sign was actually a print and cut, however, all you need to do to convert it to a regular cut is to remove the background and turn on all your cut lines.

I then sized the file to 12x24 which was my board size. and cut it. The premium blade works so great switch between vinyl and chipboard. In the past I've used two different blades for different mediums but the transition was seamless between them with this blade. I love it.

I laid my stencil on my wood and then just painted in the empty spaces. I often will use vinyl as a stencil when I want a more distressed look also or when I Just can't find vinyl in the exact colors I am going for.

Once you have painted the sign, then you just peel off the vinyl revealing the paint underneath. I added a frame to this one because I'm obsessed with frames and I just love the extra pop of color it gives! If you want to try framing, head over to this post where I show you exactly how to do it!

My favorite thing about this nursery has to be the clouds with raindrops though!

They were easily created using Silhouette's chipboard. I am 1000% a sign maker my nature. It's what I started with six years ago and what I'm still passionate about, in fact I'm opening a sign making studio next month here in our town, so you see my love is strong!! This time though, I really wanted to create something that would pop against the walls. For this project, it was really simple. I cut out my cloud shapes in several layers. I then stacked them to create a 3d effect and then using fishing wire I attached the rain drops.

I did paint them with my favorite chalk paint and then did a light sanding with a high grit sandpaper so they are smooth. I just think they are so sweet. It's a really simple DIY that you can do and it creates such a unique display. Alternatively, you can easily create a similar effect but cutting the same shapes with vinyl if you didn't want that three dimensional look.

I just LOVE how I can make 1000's of things with my Silhouette Cameo. I don't know what I did without it! It was SO hard choosing what projects to make for the nursery but I love what we ended up doing and think it all comes together! We also made the little rainbow name sign too! Isn't it perfect? It's so easy and I teach the rainbow sign technique over here. P.s. How cool is that painting that Elizabeth made? LOVE that! I'll leave you with a few more pretty pictures!!!

Thanks for visiting!! I'd love for you to let me know if you make one of the projects show here! Drop me a message any time or leave a comment!

Happy Crafting!


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