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Why being a "Hot Mess" works in my business!

"You're a hot mess!" Have you heard that? If so, trust me you're in GREAT company here! I'm going to show you how being labeled a "hot mess" has really been a ASSET to my business! Here's how I came to this conclusion!

Recently I had a comment on my page that caused me to evaluate what I do and how I present information. It basically said I was unprofessional and that I didn't write very well and was disorganized, otherwise known as a "hot mess", I'd say! When I read that I was like instantly defensive and I'll be honest, I let it bug me for way to long that day. I had to find a way to shake it off and flip the script, so to speak, and I did just that!

Let's break it down..."You're unprofessional"- Well you know what? You only see a portion of me, You're seeing the me I let you see and that's on Facebook live mostly. What do you go on Facebook to see? Do you log on to watch a professional course or your ted talk? Maybe, but not usually, this is a SOCIAL site so we're social! I don't bring my "professional pants" to Facebook mostly, I bring my Crafty Pants!!

Listen guys, I can be professional when I need to be. I didn't build this business for 6 years and spend the prior 8 years to that being an insurance agent (weird right?!) without learning how to handle clients and be a professional. But that's not me in my normal every day life, I'm not perfect and I hate being that way on videos, at least on Facebook.

"You're disorganized"- Um duh! Who doesn't know that?! Do you not think I struggle with that? I'm CREATIVE! Creatives are rarely organized!! I try! I do but I just get REALLY excited and jump all over the place! On facebook LIVE I tend to jump around a lot. I forget things, I get excited, I get distracted. But if you read my tutorials, my REAL blog tutorials. I'd beg to argue that they aren't well organized. Just have a looksy here.

SO, How did actually ADMITTING that I'm a hot mess, that I don't have it all together actually HELP my business? Well I'll tell you, most people appreciate someone who is AUTHENTIC over someone who they can't relate to.

I don't know about you but I don't like to feel bad about myself. I need confirmation that I'm normal, that someone else leaves the coffee cup on top of the roof, that someone else lives out of their laundry basket. I don't go on facebook to see everyone else and their perfect life so I can wonder why I don't measure up and sit and wallow in all my failures.

I get on facebook to feel good!!! To laugh, to relate, to find COMMUNITY.

So If you're a business owner or even just a regular person I urge you to just BE YOU! Be real! Business owners specifically, you do NOT need to have it all together to be successful! You just need to be you, Don't be afraid to let your crazy out!

Check out this video my friend Lauren made. She sells Younique makeup and she made this awesome video full of her real life bloopers and she was brave enough to share it!! Its hilarious! I LOVE that she made this with the imperfections, mishaps, kids yelling and all. Do you want to know the reach she's gotten on this post? Its been shared 62 times in less than 8 hours!!

That's HUGE! You guys have to be yourself and people will gravitate towards you!!! Pssst if you wanna show Lauren some love and get my FAVORITE mascara and concealer and everything else amazing visit her here!

Keep it weird folks,


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