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Why being a "Hot Mess" works in my business!

"You're a hot mess!" Have you heard that? If so, trust me you're in GREAT company here! I'm going to show you how being labeled a "hot mess" has really been a ASSET to my business! Here's how I came to this conclusion!

Recently I had a comment on my page that caused me to evaluate what I do and how I present information. It basically said I was unprofessional and that I didn't write very well and was disorganized, otherwise known as a "hot mess", I'd say! When I read that I was like instantly defensive and I'll be honest, I let it bug me for way to long that day. I had to find a way to shake it off and flip the script, so to speak, and I did just that!

Let's break it down..."You're unprofessional"- Well you know what? You only see a portion of me, You're seeing the me I let you see and that's on Facebook live mostly. What do you go on Facebook to see? Do you log on to watch a professional course or your ted talk? Maybe, but not usually, this is a SOCIAL site so we're social! I don't bring my "professional pants" to Facebook mostly, I bring my Crafty Pants!!

Listen guys, I can be professional when I need to be. I didn't build this business for 6 years and spend the prior 8 years to that being an insurance agent (weird right?!) without learning how to handle clients and be a professional. But that's not me in my normal every day life, I'm not perfect and I hate being that way on videos, at least on Facebook.

"You're disorganized"- Um duh! Who doesn't know that?! Do you not think I struggle with that? I'm CREATIVE! Creatives are rarely organized!! I try! I do but I just get REALLY excited and jump all over the place! On facebook LIVE I tend to jump around a lot. I forget things, I get excited, I get distracted. But if you read my tutorials, my REAL blog tutorials. I'd beg to argue that they aren't well organized. Just have a looksy here.

SO, How did actually ADMITTING that I'm a hot mess, that I don