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Your bathroom shouldn't be boring! Make this hilarious sign today!

I'm been busy sprucing up the house, as a lot of us do in December. Today I focused on my Powder room. I had a boring white shelf in there and I wanted to install my new Industrial pipe shelves in there (tutorial coming soon!). Home decor is kind of like the book "If you give a mouse a cookie"....If you're going to replace your shelf, you're going to need to change the artwork, if you change the artwork, you'll need to change the rugs, if you change the rugs, then you'll need a new window valence....Yep! I feel way down the rabbit hole today. I got the shelf built and then I wanted some cute artwork to put on the wall.

I started thinking about what would be funny in the bathroom and as much as I enjoy some bathroom humor I didn't exactly think it made for good artwork Although... I do own these two books.

P.s. The first is very informative if you must know!

What's your poo telling you