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DIY Merry & Bright Christmas Canvas

Woo Hoo! It's finally December!!!

Let's kick off the holidays with a little DIY Christmas decor!

You can have this up on your mantle in less than an hour! I love me a quick project!

Here is your supply list! Gather everything up and let's get painting! To make it easy for you I have provided links to everything for you!

12x24 Canvas

Black Paint (I love chalk paint)

Painters Tape

Metallic gold spray paint


Transfer tape

Silhouette Cameo, Cricut or die cutting machine

For your first step you're going to apply your painters tape to the canvas. Lay it right over your white surface. You don't need to paint white stripes, just the black ones!

I had only less than one inch painters tape so I just did two strips. I'd suggest 2 inch tape if you want wide stripes like mine.

Once you have everything taped off, Just double check to make sure you're tape is stuck down in all the places. Then proceed to paint the white spaces with your black paint, don't forget the sides of the canvas too!

Pull off your painters tape and Voila'! Perfect prison stripes!! I kid...

Now onto your Silhouette machine to cut your design! You can instantly download the file here! (Silhouette studio only!)

Once it cuts, go ahead and weed your letters and deer head out. We're using your vinyl as a stencil. It'll look like this!

Next add your transfer tape. I love the paper tape from Expressions Vinyl.

Apply to the canvas.

Don't forget to burnish very well when working with stencils on canvas! Sometimes they can be tricky. I recommend using either the outdoor vinyl (oracal 651) or Oramask 813 which is what I use for all my stenciling.

After you remove your transfer tape you'll be left with what is below. You're going to be painting all the negative space. I'm using spray paint because its super easy and you'll get less bleeding. The spray paint doesn't get under the vinyl like a brush and acrylic paint does.

Then head out and spray your sign! This just needed one coat!

Spray paint your sign! I then immediately remove my stencil. I have ZERO patience when I'm crafting!

Then you're all set!! You just need to pick out the centers of your letters and then you're left with a beautiful signs! Look at those CRISP lines!! I LOVE when that happens!

The texture almost gives it glitter affect which WAS actually my original plan actually but once I saw this I thought it was perfect the way it was! Perhaps I'll do a glitter one next!!

Because we have a stupid TV above our mantle (Thanks hubs) I added it to my shelf in my entry! Cute huh? Shelf from hobby lobby, as is...well almost everything else in the picture! I maaaaaaaaaay have a slight problem! ;)

What do you think? Are you going to give it a whirl? Please share a picture with me if you do!!

Thanks for reading and Happy Crafting!!


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