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How to make wood frames. The EASY way!

Hi!! Today I'm teaching you how to add beautiful frames to your signs to make them stand out from the crowd and ultimately make you more money if you're selling.

These are so farmhouse, so rustic and SO IN! Up your sign game with a gorgeous rustic frame! I'll teach you everything so let's get started!

Here are the supplies you will need.


Safety goggles (don't skip! Plus, these are PINK!)

nail gun - this one is under $20!

Now Let's get to building!

I use common board 1x2's. I picked these up at Lowe's. Its $3.86 for an 8 ft piece here in North Carolina. I went ahead and stained them ahead of time as it's easier to stain one big piece then tiny ones (You will have to stain the edges after the cuts but it goes quickly)

Here is the display at Lowe's so you know exactly what to grab and here is the wood stained and laid out.

Step One

The first thing you do is measure the top and bottom of your board. we're going to be cutting the top strips and bottom strips so it sits flush with the wood sign. Remember the old rule Measure TWICE cut ONCE!

Step two

Then we mark it and make our cut. I always measure again when I'm at my miter saw just to be sure and then make our cut.

Do this twice step twice. So you'll end up with one piece for the top and one piece for the bottom. You should have two pieces that sit flush with your sign.

Step Three

Place the two cut pieces along the top and bottom of your sign. Make sure they are right up againt the sign (you can even clamp for a tight fit) Then you are going to measure from where your new piece is on the top to the piece on the bottom. This measurement will be your side frames. Measure twice again and then head back over to your saw to make the cuts.

Step Four

Once you have your two end pieces cut You'll end up with this beautiful frame!

(You can see in the bottom left corner below the unstained portion, that's where we made our cut, you'll need to stain this after your framing is completed.)

Now we have to attach it to the wood piece though so lets move on to POWER tools!!

To attach your wood frame you'll need an Air Compressor and a Brad Nailer.

I got mine at Harbor Freight which is by the way having a major black Friday sale!!! So if you need to pick one up Black Friday is the perfect time to do so!! If you don't have one local to you I have linked up to both tools above in the supply list. They both have 5 star reviews and are on amazon so if you're a prime shipping! Score!

Here is the Air Compressor I have

Step five

Turn on your air compressor. I have my PSI set to about 75 and am using 1 1/2 brad nails into my wood. You need to find the right pressure for what you're doing, too little and you won't drive the nail all the way in and too much you'll make a dent in your wood so it may be smart to test out your settings on a scrap piece of wood first.

Start with the top side first. Nail that in and then repeat with the bottom board. Then, I hold my wood up on the end and do the end pieces. Then nail in the end pieces on the corners. You want to shoot in the corners so you're attaching the frames together. I also put a nail in the center so it attaches to the actual wood sign itself.

So 3 per side will do it, then you're done! Told you it was easy!

Seee here I still need to square up my edges. But I do the top/bottom first then sides!

Step 6

Stand back and admire you're work...or frame 100 more because you'll be addicted!!!!

If you need a fun sign to make Check out this tutorial I did on the Fun Rainbow Sign- That would be a great project and look so great with a frame! (I framed mind but sold it already so I didn't snag a pic! I told you these things sell!)

If you want to just purchase one of these beauties outright Visit our Shop here

Let me know how your framing goes!!!

Happy Building!,


**This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking these links I may be paid a small commission. This helps keeps this blog running and allows me to continue bringing you great content and more tutorials.***

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