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Rainbow Word Art: A tutorial for a FUN twist on a plain sign

Supply List

Wood- I used a 6x12 piece of pine

Paint- Waverly Chalk paint is my favorite, but acrylics work too!

Silhouette Cameo or Cricut to cut vinyl letters

Today I wanted to do a fun tutorial for you! I love rainbows and I wanted to paint my letters in rainbow but painting a cursive word multiple colors can be tricky. So I thought I would walk you guys through so you could see how it's done!

I put the supply list above you can grab some of the tools I used to help you

First thing I did was take my paint and squeeze just a bit of each color out on flat surface then I blended each color a bit then just brush it on and blended with a makeup sponge. Make sure you go in true rainbow fashion! Remember ROYGBIV for your colors! (no pics because well its hard to paint AND take pictures. Blending is serious business folks!

When blending make sure you go a bit into the last color and drag it into the next so it looks natural. I just did the middle of my board since I knew was painting over it with white. We are doing what's known as the PVPP method here. Paint, Vinyl, Paint, Peel. This is a great way to get perfectly crisp lines and it's pretty easy to line up and see your designs! So we did the Paint step, next we do the Vinyl.

Take your vinyl word, mine here is of course "awesome" ,and lay it down over the rainbow that you painted. Use your squeegee and rub down and press onto the board very well.

Next you're going to give it a coat or two of paint. I chose this off white. I love Waverly's paint in the color plaster. Chalk paint covers great and dries fast!

After you get your white painted then you can go ahead and remove the letters. I use an exacto knife to grab the edge of my letter, then just peel. I love this part!! It's kind of relaxing in a weird way and oh so satisfying when you see your beautiful color underneath!

After you have that step done you'll move onto any other portions of the sign you'll be doing. If this were a one word thing you'd be done but I wanted a little bit more. So I grabbed my other"be and today" stencils and laid those down and paint inside. This one we're doing a regular stencil. So we weeded the letters out of the vinyl instead of the other way around. I put those on, gave them a coat of paint in Waverly's elephant gray and then removed!

I didn't snap a pic of this part but I just take a little foam brush or makeup sponge and lightly dab on the paint then remove the stencil right away. Easy peasy!

Are you going to give rainbow letters a try? I hope you do and if so shoot me an email or share with me on facebook! I'd love to see your project!

Happy painting and remember.....

Be awesome today!



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