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How to add a Farmhouse frame to a DIY sign

Have you seen those GORGEOUS farmhouse framed signs everywhere? They keep popping on on HGTV, in local markets and even some box stores. But do you want to learn how to make your own?! It's really quite simple! I'm going to walk you through it today! Let's get started!

Tool and Supply List

Miter Saw

Table mounted router with 1/4 inch bit mounted at 1/4 inch height

Nail Gun

1x2's- two pieces at 25 inch, and two pieces at 22 1/2

1/4 inch birch plywood (you can often find these at home improvement stores in 2x4 ft sheets and they can cut it in half for you!) Its the really thin board!

To Begin you're going to want to design your sign and pick a size. For the sake of this, tutorial let's go with 24x24. Before you even get to the framing you need to fully complete your sign. I use vinyl as my stencil cut with my Silhouette Cameo and then paint using that. You can grab a silhouette cameo AND all the vinyl you could ever dream of at Expressions Vinyl, my favorite place to shop!

Also I always use Chalk paint when painting signs. I Use Waverly Brand from walmart! It's my favorite as it's thick and won't bleed under stencils! Remember to make your sign first! Once you attach the wood it will be hard to go back and make adjustments with the frame in the way.

Grab your pre cut 1x2's and head over to your table router.

You're going to run them through the router to make a channel in them, this is where you're going to put your sign, it will sit inside of these grooves.

Run all your pieces through the router until you have done all sides. Once all the sides are done you're going to take your pieces and stain them all if needed. (stain BOTH SIDES because you will see them all! (No photos of this step because well...wipe on wipe off, easy peasy! My favorite stain color and most used is Minwax Dark Walnut.

After the stain dries, then simply slide your wood into the channels you made using your router and they will click into place like a puzzle!

Then you'll take your nail gun and nail your frame on all the corners. I use around 70 PSI in my air compressor when nailing these.

When using your router you if you don't go clear to the ends on all of them you're good, but if you're like me and get excited then you just zip them through then and fill in holes later! So grab some wood filler and fill in the grooves that stick out on the ends. After it dries you will sand down and then put a little stain over that and Ta Da!!!

And then stand back and admire your GORGEOUS farmhouse sign!

Interested in purchasing this SVG file?

Click here to purchase and it's yours to own!

Feel free to use it for personal or business use but please do not share the file.

Any questions or comments? As always feel free to send me a message, I just LOVE the way these framed signs turn out! They are so simple yet stunning! Here are a few of my others that I love! Don't want to frame and just want to grab one ready made? You can find that HERE.

Happy Crafting!




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