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Dining Room Before & After

Hi Everyone! This July I became a real adult with a REAL dining room!

I have only had those in the past and they were used as home office or playrooms! But this year I finally got my own! Yay!! This room has gone through so many changes since we moved in and now it's FINALLY what I had envisioned all along! This is what it looked like right after we moved in sad and empty...that table was a roadkill rescue that I stained dark and reupholstered...but only 3 chairs survived the move...ugh military life!

My Hubby promised me he'd build me a farmhouse table so I knew this was temporary. I did what I could, it was ok as I was more focused on other areas of the house first! I also felt like the hutch was too big for this room, I really just wanted a buffet and a large artwork over it with shelves on the side. It just kept bugging me deep down! So this spring we FINALLY got the room put together!. My Hubby built me my dream FARMHOUSE table using the Ana white Fancy X tutorial which you can find here.

Here is what it looks like NOW. 10000X better right?!