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How I got started and you can too!!!

My most asked question I get is "How did you get started in all this?" This question is usually dual purpose, after 4 years in business I have come to understand that this also can be taken as " How can I start?!". For a few years I was very protective of my business. I got all offended when someone wanted to copy me, or know my secrets, or know exactly how I did things. "How dare they!" I thought, "This is my livelihood!". Then the Lord began speaking to me "Sarah, I gave you these talents, use them to show MY love". I'd be nothing, NOTHING without the blessings that He gave me! Why wouldn't I want to tell people about that? Surely, I'm not the only mom out there who could use a few extra dollars a month!

I started my business simply as a way to help out with bills. I had to quit my job when I went into preterm labor at 27 weeks. I was on strict bedrest for the next 12 weeks and I knew going back to work just wasn't going to be worth it with 2 kiddos and a deployed husband. I ordered this fancy machine I had been drooling over for months with our tax refund and never looked back! First I made gifts for everyone I knew, then people were asking me to make those gifts for THEIR friends, and suddenly I was making actual money! It really all happened really fast!

Maybe you're a stay at home mom trying to help your family out, maybe you're a single mom trying to afford dance lessons for your daughter, maybe you just want to add some income to save up for that big vacation, I'm here to tell you that you CAN do it!. You don't need fancy tools, you just need the DRIVE! I believe other than being enormously blessed by God, that having the passion behind what I love to do is what blessed me. You have to find what YOU love, not what you think other people like (sure that's important too) but if you're trying to make something you're half interested in, you'll burnout quickly!

So how do you actually start? My best advice is just leap! I'd begin by finding what you love and seeking out a LOCAL community first so you can find some local clients. The best places for these are things like Buy/Sell/Trade pages in your community on facebook. I also had luck with apps like varge sale. You may not be selling for TOP dollar here as people want bargains, however, you'll be getting your name out there! This is the most important thing when starting, you want to be known as the "shirt, wine glass, jewelry, etc lady! Be Personable!! I truly was and still am very much appreciative ANY time someone buys from me! So be genuine, people are handing you their hard earned dollars, do not ever take the for granted. EVER!