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Who wants to see my Craft Room?

What's up friends?!! You guys have you met me in person?'re missing out...I kid I kid. The truth is I'm usually REALLY shy!! Once I warm up I'm good but in general...nope I keep my head down, face in phone. Anyway, lately I've been hearing that facebook LIVE is the way to go! So I went to try to go live on my facebook page and the Gods overs at Zuckerburgs wouldn't let me! How dare them! Anyway, so I just recorded a little video of myself rambling and showing you my favorite things around my office! If you wanna take a look it's here!! I plan to do a lot more videos and hopefully LIVE soon..(Are you listening facebook?!!) So take a peek into my little space right now and join along...its silly, crazy and fun! I give some tips for vinyl crafters too so find out my favorite tools and supplies!! Thanks for watching!! (P.S. For the LOVE...can someone tell me how to change the slides so I dont have a screen shot with the WORST possible face? Is that thumbnails or something? HEELLPPP!!)

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