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How to make new wood look like barn wood in 5 minutes FLAT!

Hey there!! Do you love barn wood as much as me?! It's seriously hard to find though!!! When I have found it, it's crazy expensive too. I've gotten my system down to a quick 5 minutes and it doesn't involve wool and vinegar and waiting 24 hours!

Here's what you need to make your new wood look like barn wood! Gather your supplies!

Valspar Antiquing Glaze



White paint mixed with water (2/3 paint 1/3 water )

Step 1

Dry brush white paint onto your board. To dry brush you simply dip your bristles into the pain/water mixture, then wipe it off a bit, then brush onto the board lightly. It's easy and no real technique, you're just going with the grain and lightly sweeping across the board.

Step 2

Take an old t shirt or rag and dip it into the antiquing glaze. You'll then wipe it on your board from left to right again going along with the grain.

Step 3

Once you get that on and blend it in it'll look like this. You can go heavier or lighter to get the perfect color, if you mess up, you can always wipe it right off with some water!! I LOVE that it's flexible like that!

Also if you want to beat up your wood a bit with a hammer that adds to the aged look, so grab your hammer and randomly whack away at your wood!

That's basically it!! That's my secret weapon for weather wood! It's a five minute fix!

Now if you want a little darker look, you can put on the antiquing glaze a little heavier, you can always experiment and get the best look you're going for.

Here I went a little darker! I love the darker look better! Which do you like?

And here is 100 year old real barn wood next to my Faux Barn wood. Pretty good huh?

Here is the lighter color with the other side of my real barn wood

Here is the barn wood with a little love arrow! Cute right?

Let me know if you give it a try and what you think!!!

Happy Antiquing!!


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