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Everything you wanted to know about Paint Parties!

Have you seen our AMAZZZZING paint parties?! Do you have some questions on what goes on and how you can get involved? Wonder no more!! I have answers to everything here!

First check out this awesome group shot from our last party! How gorgeous are all these signs?!

First question is always what does it cost? Well that varies but anywhere from $30-$75 usually! It really depend on what were making! Small 12x12's signs are in the $30 range and go up from there. Everyone comments on how WORTH it the price is. Let's figure you go to one of those canvas paint places, they charge around $40 for a canvas you paint with a weird tree, or giraffe, wouldn't you be ok paying a bit more for a REAL WOOD custom signs you actually WANT to hang on your wall? Yup, thought so!