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Everything you wanted to know about Paint Parties!

Have you seen our AMAZZZZING paint parties?! Do you have some questions on what goes on and how you can get involved? Wonder no more!! I have answers to everything here!

First check out this awesome group shot from our last party! How gorgeous are all these signs?!

First question is always what does it cost? Well that varies but anywhere from $30-$75 usually! It really depend on what were making! Small 12x12's signs are in the $30 range and go up from there. Everyone comments on how WORTH it the price is. Let's figure you go to one of those canvas paint places, they charge around $40 for a canvas you paint with a weird tree, or giraffe, wouldn't you be ok paying a bit more for a REAL WOOD custom signs you actually WANT to hang on your wall? Yup, thought so!

What if I"m not crafty at all, I can't even paint a stick figure! - Don't you worry a thing!! I cut stencils for you! They are cut from vinyl stencil material cut on my craft machine. I will show you exactly how to place your stencil on your wood for perfect line up and show you how to paint lightly so we get those beautiful crisp lines on all the details! If you need help matching paint and deciding on colors I'm there to help too! I have paint chips in every color for you to mix and match to discover the exact look you're going for. Plus, your girlfriends will all be there to give advice and encouragement! No one can tell you the colors you chose are ugly like your best friend can right?! HA!


Here's a basic timeline of what goes down when so you'll be prepared.

6:30- Arrive mingle, snack and pour the wine!

7:00-Decide on your base coat color or stain and paint. Typically we have a dark walnut, Light walnut, barnwood, whitewash and graywash. You of course can do any combo of these but these are our more popular color choices. You'll let me know what you like and I pour you a little bit in a cup or bowl and I will walk you through the process of staining, or show you the right brush to use if you're painting. Sometimes we use old t shirt rags, staining pads, foam brushes, chalk paint brushes...Lots of options for getting that color on your board!

Stencils prepped and ready, your seat is saved.

7:30-8:00- Let our first coats dry,. More wine, some snacks, more wine ;)

8:00 At this point we'll hit any of our boards with a hairdryer if necessary to make sure they boards are ready for stencils. Then I will walk around and show you how to remove the backing paper from your stencil and apply it to your board. I'll have a ruler on hand for making sure we measure everything just right! We apply the stencils and then we begin to paint! Its easy peasy folks! This takes anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or so depending on the details and color choices for everyone.

9:00- remove stencils and admire your art!!!!!! You did it!! I'll be around to do any quick touch ups that you need. I have small brushes so we can fix any spots, I also have sandpaper on hand so we can sand down and distress is that's your thing too! *Every now and then we can get some paint bleeding or some of the wood grain pulling up, this just depends on drying time, stain, how heavy you painted, and humidity, I help you touch these spots up and we call that handmade!!! (don't worry, you won't leave with anything you're unhappy with!)

We then ooh and ahh over everyone's pieces then we all take a group photo!

Removing our stencils and the inside of our letters! Its easy!

Usually everyone is all done by 9:30 depending on group size. You are always welcome to hang out with me after you're done and just enjoy your girls night out!

Final Picture at the end!

It's seriously the best time ever! Last weekend I had girls who were at my Friday night party and stayed late, then, came back not even 24 hours later to my Saturday party!!!

That's how you know you had a good time!!!!!

So Join our mailing list to be notified when we have an upcoming party and come join us! You'll have amazing time! If you have an idea for a party or a sign you want to make feel free to send me a message!! Maybe there is a group sign you'd love to make, I can make that happen! I look forward to crafting with you!

Happy Painting!



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