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Hi, I'm Sarah

Hi Friends! I'm Sarah and If you have been around my page for a while you know we've been Sarah's Scribbles since 2012! That's a long time! However more and more recently we had been getting tagged and confused with another Sarah's Scribbles. This person had a huge following and it was becoming more and more frequent that I was receiving messages to her, tags in photos, tags in posts, it was just a hot mess!! I finally just unpublished my page and went into hiding because I just

I had been toying with the idea of a name change for quite some time. Feeling that I was being pulled in another direction Sarah's Scribbles just wasn't really what I was loving anymore, I started to cringe every time I said it, I felt juvenile and trapped. So I thought and thought and thought some more for a new name. This took FOREVER, then I decided that everyone knew me as Sarah. Knowing my first name kind of keeps that bond with my customers. I love that it's easy to remember, it's nice to write to me and say "dear SARAH", I just knew I had to leave my name I thought OK, what if we just go Simply Sarah...spark! I loved it! That would work, I could still sell my items to help provide that income for my family but I could also do some writing and blogging about my projects, I could still host my sign workshops and that could all fall under Simply Sarah! Now onto that blog....

I get asked ALL.THE.TIME "what paint do you use, how did you make that? can you tell me how to paint this furniture, can you help me decorate?" and I finally decided, ya know what, if I'm going to be telling people how to do stuff I all the time maybe it's smart to start a blog, maybe instead of repeating myself I can actually SHOW people step by step how to do things.

So I'm still going to be making things but during the times that maybe my husband is deployed, or I'm going away for a while I'll be blogging. I'm going to be doing a lot of tutorials to show you how to paint furniture, how to build shelves and planter boxes and a farmhouse table, how I decorate frugally, the best things Ive learned in my 6 moves and 6 house! I'm taking you along on all my projects! We bought our first home when we moved here to NC and it was a foreclosure and while structurally it was great...the paint and cabinets was just.....nope.

.So I've had lots of little things to tackle and update and I've been LOVING it!

So follow along with me, I'll be honest with you and tell you what worked and what was a total bomb. I've moved 6 times in 10 years, I've had to make curtain rods out of pipe and command strips and I've made curtains work in 5 different rooms, I've painted and repainted furniture to match this house and that house and I think in that time I've gained some experience to be able to give some sound advice!

SO, That's it's! Sarah's Scribbles is now Simply Sarah. It's a place to Discover some handmade items, Create your own decor or projects and be inspired! I hope something that I say or do can inspire you to finally tackle that project you've wanted to do!



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