Chalk Couture Napkin rings!

Today I'm wasting no time and I'm going to walk you through a super fast DIY that will leave you looking like a super star at your next party!!

Check out this cute table! (Yes it's july, YES I HAVE PUMPKINS, NO I'M NOT SORRY!)

I made the adorable napkin tags in less than 5 minutes for the entire table!

Let me show you how!

You will need

1 pack of new white Chalkable Chips

1 Locally Grown Transfer set of 12 icons

1 jar of Black Chalk Paste

One small squeegee

Grab your transfers and your chips and start chalking!

Apply your Transfer to the small chips. appy slightly towards the bottom giving yourself space for the drill hole you'll make during the next step.

Next, you're going to use either a crop-a dile large punch or a Drill and make a small hole at the top.

(no pic for this because trying to hold a drill and get a pic is weird y'all!)

Now, take your napkins (From hobby lobby!), roll and tie with twine, then put the twine through the hole at the top. I add a little embellishment with a faux plant for come greenery and Voila!

So cute and simple and adorable right?!! I need to have a dinner party now to show these off!!

Thanks for stopping my!! Be sure to let me know if you try this project!!

Want more ideas?

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