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Why no one comments on your Facebook posts. (and how to fix it!)

Are you struggling with page views and reaching your Facebook fans?

It used to be so easy and lately it seems to be harder and harder to get through all the noise. Back when I started six years ago all I had to do was post a picture of the item I was selling and instantly had 30 comments or more. Now we seem to be struggling to get a few comments let alone sales. I have ONE piece of advice that will change the way you run your Facebook page and increase engagement!

You need to CONNECT! People aren't necessarily on Facebook to shop and buy things. They want to connect with people, laugh, cry, be inspired and feel like they belong. Think of your Facebook page as a community, not a store. You want to connect with people, interact with them, get to know them and let them get to know you!

How do you connect? You have to KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!

My audience is mostly moms, ages 25-45. I post a lot about mom related things, coffee, wine, (because..duh), articles or memes about family, motherhood, easy recipes, cute kids crafts, home decor and THEN my handmade items. (If you're just starting and not sure of your audience, think of your dream client, who do you WANT to work with? Post for those people!)