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Why no one comments on your Facebook posts. (and how to fix it!)

Are you struggling with page views and reaching your Facebook fans?

It used to be so easy and lately it seems to be harder and harder to get through all the noise. Back when I started six years ago all I had to do was post a picture of the item I was selling and instantly had 30 comments or more. Now we seem to be struggling to get a few comments let alone sales. I have ONE piece of advice that will change the way you run your Facebook page and increase engagement!

You need to CONNECT! People aren't necessarily on Facebook to shop and buy things. They want to connect with people, laugh, cry, be inspired and feel like they belong. Think of your Facebook page as a community, not a store. You want to connect with people, interact with them, get to know them and let them get to know you!

How do you connect? You have to KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!

My audience is mostly moms, ages 25-45. I post a lot about mom related things, coffee, wine, (because..duh), articles or memes about family, motherhood, easy recipes, cute kids crafts, home decor and THEN my handmade items. (If you're just starting and not sure of your audience, think of your dream client, who do you WANT to work with? Post for those people!)

You want to share your own life too! Let them get to know you, what makes you laugh, what makes you cry, what you struggle with. I always keep it real with my readers, which means sharing a picture of my messy kitchen or studio, sharing a picture of the crappy dinner I made (hot dog crescent rolls anyone?), or taking them along with me on a vacation!

There is HUGE power in the "me too" effect. The me too effect is someone who can relate to your post and go "oh my gosh, that's SO me!! One of my most popular posts wasn't a product I was selling, It was this picture...of me going to Target. It said " Going in for milk see you in $300!!"

"Going in for milk, see you in $300!!"

I wasn't selling a THING, but I was connecting to my audience in a way that made almost everyone go "Oh my gosh! ME TOO!!" Don't we all go to Target for JUST ONE THING and end up spending our paycheck?! That would be a big ol' YUP!!!

So that's it! Work on your connections and building your community! I'm not saying throw your products out the window but I think if you look at your page as a community you're building and not just as a sales page I think you'll see your engagement go up and you'll be amazed at the connections you make and everything will flow naturally from there!

p.s. A good rule of thumb on social media is the 80/20 rule! 80% other content and 20% you're own content.



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