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Flip your old dresser to a Gorgeous Console Table

Do you have an old dresser you want to get out the garage and into your house but not sure where to start? I have been wanting to flip a dresser forever but I was running out of room in the garage for my projects! Thankfully a friend of mine just happened to need a dresser painted and wanted some help! I told her if she didn't mind me bringing home her beloved dresser to my house for a week or so I'd love to do it!

We decided on a nice white with some distressing while keeping the top the original wood color.

Now I'll walk you through how I did it! sidenote- I'm not going to be talking much about the painting aspect in this tutorial because I'm going to do a separate post for that so stay tuned if you want the details on chalk painting!

Here is the dresser before and after!

Here is a quick run down of the products I used! Like I said I'll go over more chalk painting in the next post though!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure white.

Chalkology chalk paint brush

Annie Sloan Clear Wax

MDF in 3/4 inch thickness

Jig Saw

Circular saw

The biggest part about making a dresser into a console table is fabricating a new shelf where the drawers used to be. The first thing was deciding we wanted to remove the wood strip in the middle and make one large opening. For that, you're just going to grab your jig saw and bring that puppy in the house and slice off the piece! It's really super simple and kind of fun!! If you don't have a jig saw you can get this Black and Decker Orbital Jig Saw off amazon. I LOVE my jigsaw, you can cut out all sorts of shapes and designs and its extremely easy to use!

The inside of the console had all kinds of corners and things in the way so you just need to measure those, draw yourself a little diagram. Measure from the back to the very front. You want it flush with the front piece so it looks seamless so measure to this point! I got a good ol lesson in measurements...have I ever mentioned how much I hate math? Simply Hubby was just trying to teach me fractions and I was like...I love you dear but just measure it for me mmmkay? Bless him. Anyway thank goodness for him as we then measured twice, maybe 3 times and then we made our little diagram and then cut!

The tools we used for this was our handy jig saw and our circular saw. Corners cut out! Easy peasy!

We wanted to make it all one piece to sit inside so we attempted to do that.....

annnnd it wouldn't fit, we thought we could angle is just right and nope, not enough room. Wellllll, back out to the garage we got to slice that puppy in half!

Then came back inside and VOILA! It fit PERFECTLY! Custom made shelf! See all those angles and corners, even the one in the back....not hard, just a quick measurement and a few minutes! You just have to take the time to measure, but it's really nice and worth the effort to make it look absolutely perfect!

Finally, Paint that shelf! Because we used MDF you can just do chalk paint right on top, no need to prime since chalk paint covers so well. I painted, and then sanded with 200 between coats and then painted again. Threw some baskets in there and we're done!

Isn't she pretty?!!!


As always, any questions or comments just shoot me a message! I'd love to speak with you or help you tackle your own project!

Happy Furniture Flipping!



**This post may contain affiliate links that pay me a small percentage if you purchase from the links posted above. this helps keep my blog and tutorials up and running.**

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