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Have you wanted to start helping others create beautiful signs in a fun party atmosphere?  Have you wanted to make a quick $500 or more in one day?  Have you wondered how in the heck you do that in three hours?  If you have a fun, outgoing personality and enjoy helping others; then paint parties may be your thing!

I've spent the last year hosting parties and figuring out all those tricky details!  Through trials and error I have learned what works and what doesn't to save you the time of doing that!   Through the strageties and tips I give you in this book you'll have all the tools you need to have a successful party from the start!   I'll give you step by step instructions that show you how to have fun and be creative all while making money!  You'll learn how to host a paint night that feels more lke a girls night out instead of work. 

In this 34 page E Book you'll learn my secrets for pricing your parties so you're making a great profit, finding locations to host parties, choosing designs that will keep guests returning month after month, tips for booking MORE parties and so much more!  PLUS, your 

purchase also gets you exclusive access into a facebook group with ME and other paint party business owners who will help you and be by your side as you start your adventure. I'm posting live Q+A questions every week and include instructional videos and free files!  I'll help answer any questions and be your biggest fan!

Note- This book is NOT for those who have never painted a sign before. It is meant for experienced sign makers. Please be confident in your ability to create a sign from start to finish before you attempt to teach others. 

***If you're having trouble paying for the book and are trying to use paypal, please send me a message and I can invoice you directly for that!***

Can't wait to chat with you!


Here's a sneak peek inside the book!

Don't just listen to me! Check out these reviews from readers!

I've been a fan of Sarah's signs for a long time. I was so excited to know she was releasing this book. I've purchased it, read it, and am on my way to hosting my first party!- Jennifer Sorenson-Ream Owner of LoveSent Design

Sarah  is absolutely amazing! Her techniques, tips, and most recent Ebook were instrumental in me gaining the confidence and knowledge to step out in faith opening Southern Personality Designs. I love how Sarah values community over competition. I truly believe that when we all work together supporting each other we can all achieve our goals. I am excited to begin offering sign parties utilizing the tips and techniques I have learned from Sarah and her ebook.-- Kim Bryant- Southern Personality Designs

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